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25th-Dec-2011 12:40 am
theboywonder: (I'm no Batman but)
Who: Jim Kirk and Dick Grayson
When: At some high school party.
What: Jim is apparently going through a pirate phase.

Dick really didn't like parties, but still found himself getting dragged to them more often than one would potentially expect because of Jim, either out of a sense of needing to babysit his technically older brother or because he'd been nagged into going for once instead of going on patrol. And sometimes it was a little of both.

Tonight, he'd been summoned via text message by his brother, and having been benched for a few days because he'd dislocated his shoulder on patrol the night before, he didn't have anything better to be doing on a Friday night, and had decided what the hell. Might as well go make sure Jim wasn't doing anything too stupid.

Of course, this meant trying to find his brother, which was kind of a feat when there were this many people running around through someone he'd probably never met before's house. And after getting his still slightly sore shoulder jostled a few times, he'd decided it might be better to try texting Jim and letting him know where he was instead of fighting through the crowd of people, all of whom seemed pretty drunk and generally didn't seem to mind the shortish kid with an arm in a sling who'd just showed up without being invited.
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